Ministry of Economy and Commerce unveils the “National Product” initiative under the theme “Together to Support National Products”

May 29, 2017

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce, in cooperation with shopping malls and large retail outlets, has unveiled the “National Product” initiative. Under this initiative, malls and large retail outlets will clearly display local products and goods bearing the slogan “National Product” to facilitate consumers’ access to these products.
The initiative comes within the framework of the ministry’s Ramadan initiatives under the theme #Aqal_Min_Al_Wajeb” the Arabic for “#The_least_we_can _do”. The initiative aims to support and market national products in the local market as well as to support and ease investors’ access to consumers in addition to opening markets to merchants and investors seeking to launch new products. The initiative will contribute to the state’s efforts to prioritize national products as part of its strategic plans and the pillars of its economic diversification strategy aimed at achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030. National products will contribute to the creation of new economic activities and increase the contribution of non-oil sectors to GDP as well as the competitiveness of the national economy.
National products are of high quality and are being sold at competitive prices under a variety of brands, which has earned local goods a high reputation after securing many quality certificates from international organizations.
Consumer support for local industries also plays an important role in increasing the share of national products in the domestic market, enhancing their competitiveness globally and bolstering Qatar’s exports.
The National Product initiative builds on the Ministry’s efforts to open new markets to investors and support competitiveness in the food and consumer products sector as well as to enhance the price competitiveness and availability of products. Last year, the Ministry abolished the monopolies of commercial agents over 35 basic food and consumer products, opening the market to various importers, which will have a positive impact on the economy and consumers.
Ministry of Economy and Commerce unveils variety of initiatives to mark the holy month of Ramadan under the theme “#Aqal_Min_Al_Wajeb”
The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has unveiled its series of initiatives to mark the holy month of Ramadan under the theme “#Aqal_Min_Al_Wajeb” the Arabic for “#The_least_we_can_do”, in line with its duties towards society.
These initiatives were designed to cover all aspects of the Ministry’s activities in terms of organization, partnership and support, and to raise awareness about various consumer and commercial topics.
The Ministry will also launch new initiatives aimed at bolstering partnerships between consumers and merchants such as “Ataa”—Arabic for “Giving” initiative.

The Ministry also launched the discounted consumer goods initiative and will unveil the outcome of Al Baraka corporate social responsibility program launched last year, as well as other initiatives to regulate markets and stimulate commercial sectors. The Ministry will also intensify its inspection campaigns throughout the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.