Vision, Mission and Message


“A diversified economic landscape and self-reliant private sector within a competitive business environment aware of consumer rights as well as the responsibilities and obligations of the business community towards them”


“To lead sustainable economic growth with private sector partnership, in a safeguarded and enabled business environment, through policy-making, promotion of diversified investments, monitoring of markets, and protection of consumers”


  • Service Excellence
  • Collaboration as Partners
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Innovation
  • Transparency

MOCI Description

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is responsible for overseeing commercial and industrial activities for the State of Qatar, directing these activities in accordance with the requirements of national development. The Ministry’s mandate includes business development needed to attract investments, and support and develop exports. Other responsibilities are developing methods and procedures for providing public services to the business and investment sector, regulating the practice of trade professions, registering the commercial and investment establishments, issuing the necessary licenses to carry out their activities, and supervising the regulation and control of markets in its area of competence.

Taking the necessary measures to protect consumers, combat commercial fraud, safeguard competition and prevent monopolistic practices, as well as protect intellectual property rights is an essential aspect of the Ministry’s mandate.

The Ministry is spearheading efforts to develop general policies to promote industrialization and national industries, developing and exploiting its existing industrial zones, and proposing the establishment of new zones.