Departments under the Assistant Deputy of Consumer Affairs

Consumer Protection Sector

The Consumer Protection Sector at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce is responsible for taking all necessary measures to fight commercial fraud through regular inspections of the facilities of manufacturers and merchants of food and household products.

The department is also responsible for enforcing the consumer protection law and taking the appropriate measures in case of violations of the provisions of the law. In this context, the department investigates and follows up on consumer complaints.

The department also aims to raise awareness among consumers about their rights and protect economic competition in line with law number 19, which was issued in 2006 to fight monopoly practices.

The Supply Management department is responsible for the management and storage of food and fodder. The department is required to maintain strategic reserves of food and fodder through auctions and the management of import and storage operations.

The department is also responsible for issuing licenses related to the management and operation of subsidized bakeries.